Kole Management Sells Apartment Portfolio, Focuses Solely on Property Management


Kole Management Sells Apartment Portfolio, Focuses Solely on Property Management

(Savannah, GA) Savannah-based Kole Management Co. is in the process of selling its portfolio of 13 apartment communities in two states to transition exclusively into property management. In its new form, the company will retain management of eleven of those properties.

“We have decided to devote all our time and expertise to third-party management and look forward to providing the same boutique, quality service to our clients and residents as we did when we were owner/operators,” said Kole ManagementCOO Khrista Villegas.

Kole Managementput its multifamily portfolio on the market in November, and all of its properties are under contract with closing expected in April and May. That portfolio consists of seven properties in Savannah, three in Macon and one each in Augusta and Canton, Georgia, and Charlotte, North Carolina.

”A number of factors, including historically low cap rates and broad investor interest in smaller market assets, came together to convince us that it was a good time to consider selling our portfolio,” said Kole Management Co.President, Jeff Kole. “Until recently, we had little interest in selling and were, in fact, building a robust and highly capable management company to oversee properties for ourselves and third parties. This sale provides us the opportunity to focus exclusively on offering boutique yet sophisticated property management for a wide range of apartments – from lease-ups to workforce housing – across the Southeast.”

The company expects to grow its multifamily property management portfolio with expansion into North Carolina and Florida, as well as additional properties in Macon. Details of those arrangements, as well as, the new positions brought on to support this growth, will be announced in the near future.

Kole Management company logo

Family owned since 1991, Kole Managementwas founded by Donald Kole, the former owner of the Builderama home supply store chain. In 1994, Donald’s son, Jeff Kole, joined KMCand currently serves as president. What started as a small investment firm based in Savannah, Georgia, is now a rapidly growing third-party management enterprise, overseeing apartment communities throughout the Southeast. In addition to that, KMChas four warehouse distribution facilities equaling approximately 600,000 square feet. For more information on Kole Management, visit Kolemc.com.

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Angela Canfield of Sandfly Family Dental and Premier Dental Designs Offers Free Oral Cancer Screenings in April


Angela Canfield of Sandfly Family Dental and Premier Dental Designs Offers Free Oral Cancer Screenings in April

(SAVANNAH, GA) In recognition of April being Oral Cancer Awareness Month, Sandfly Family Dentalin Savannah and Premier Dental Designsin Rincon will offer free oral cancer screenings on Thursday, April 11 and Thursday, April 25. The exams normally cost as much as $80.

“I recommend anyone 18 and older to be tested annually for oral cancer,” said Dr. Angela Canfield, who owns both offices. “The oral cancer screening light shows a change in oral tissue that warrants a biopsy. For patients who show a change in tissue, I usually suggest a follow-up visit with an oral surgeon or an ear nose and throat specialist, depending on the levels found.”

The oral cancer screening is noninvasive and takes less than 10 minutes. While the screenings will be free, an appointment is necessary.

The death rate associated with oral cancer is high not just because it is hard to discover or diagnose but because it frequently is discovered late in its development. In the United States, one person dies every 60 minutes because of oral cancer.

According to the National Cancer Institute, 43 percent of those diagnosed with oral cancers will die within five years. While the disease has few, if any, early symptoms, early detection can increase survival rates to as much as 90 percent.

Oral cancer typically is associated with long-term tobacco use, but it’s becoming more frequent in young adults who have never smoked.

For more information, please contact Premier Dental Designsby calling (912) 826-4037 or visiting http://www.premierdentaldesigns.com/.

For Savannah residents, please call (912) 349-0472 or visit http://www.sandflyfamilydental.com/

Angela Canfield

Dr. Angela Canfield is licensed by the Georgia Board of Dentistryand the National Board of Dentists. She owns and practices at Premier Dental Designsin Rincon, 5871 Hwy 21 South, and Sandfly Family Dentalin the Norwood Market in Savannah. Both offices provide Family/Preventative Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Restorative Dentistry, Orthodontic Dentistry, Digital X-Rays, E4D One Day Crowns, Electronic Claims, Intra Oral Camera and Paperless Charting. The offices are open Monday through Friday and offer evening appointments. For more information, call 912.826.4037 or visit http://www.premierdentaldesigns.com/or http://www.sandflyfamilydental.com/

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Creating Good Dental Habits at an Early Age by Angela C. Canfield, DDS


Creating Good Dental Habits at an Early Age
by Angela C. Canfield, DDS

It’s always a good time to think about the health of your children’s teeth. The routines you set in stone now will carry your children into adulthood and set the stage for healthy teeth.

When it comes to those teeth, a tried-and-true parental friend comes in handy: routine. Brushing and flossing should be a part of your child’s daily routine in the morning and before bed.

But additional routines are needed too. I’m talking about a twice-a-year dental checkup. You don’t want a dental visit to become a time of trauma and dread because of a dental emergency. A positive, cheerful visit with a dentist who understands children’s needs and is experienced in dealing with them should be as much a part of a child’s life as checkups with a pediatrician, back-to-school supply shopping or a photo with Santa.

For parents who want to build dental care into their children’s lifelong habits, the American Dental Association’s consumer website, mouthhealthy.org, can be a useful tool. It isn’t a preachy site full of boring demands to brush, brush, brush. It has helpful, real-world advice that parents can put to good use. The section with suggestions on tooth fairy visits almost reminds me of a sort of Pinterestfor teeth.

Someday, your child will be a senior, not just a high school senior, but much, much later, a senior as in “senior citizen.” Whether that future senior citizen is eating with his or her own teeth 75 years from now has a lot to do with what you are teaching your child right now.

You wouldn’t take any aspect of your child’s health for granted, but some parents overlook the fact that dental health is health. Sometimes, a special promotion like National Children’s Dental Health Month is a good reminder to make sure your children have a healthy dental routine.

Angela Canfield DDS

Angela Canfield DDS

Dr. Angela Canfield is licensed by the Georgia Board of Dentistry and the National Board of Dentist. She owns and practices at two dental offices: Premier Dental Designs (www.premierdentaldesigns.com/located in Rincon, GA, and Sandfly Family Dental (https://www.sandflyfamilydental.com/) in Savannah, GA. Contact Dr. Canfield at molar799@yahoo.comor 912-826-4037

Dean Burnette, of Best Business Brokers, named President of Georgia Association of Business Brokers


Dean Burnette, of Best Business Brokers, named President of Georgia Association of Business Brokers

(Savannah, GA) Dean Burnette, founder of Savannah-based Best Business Brokers(B3), has been named president of the Georgia Association of Business Brokers(GABB) for 2019.

GABBmembers help business owners establish sales prices, create marketing plans and strategies for the sales, identify and qualify potential buyers and protect owners’ and buyers’ confidentiality.

Dean Burnette, Best Business Brokers (B3)

Dean Burnette, Best Business Brokers (B3)

“I am excited about the many opportunities that the current economic conditions and recent economic events have created in Georgia,” said Burnette. “We have a powerful group of very connected leaders in Georgia who will be on the board this year, and I’m proud to serve alongside these talented folks.”

Burnette has more than three decades of business ownership and management experience in a variety of industries. He has been a member of the GABBMillion Dollar and Multi-Million Dollar Club and is a member and past president of the Savannah Small Business Chamber. He also belongs to the Savannah CFO Council, Savannah Traffic Club, Savannah Real Estate Commercial Alliance, Georgia Association of Realtors, National Association of Realtorsand serves on the Education Advisory Committee for the Georgia Real Estate Commission.

Additional GABBofficers for 2019 include Judy Mims, vice president, qualifying broker for Childcare Properties; Jon Roman, treasurer, business intermediary, franchise consultant and developer at Transworld Business Advisors; and Nick Modares, secretary, president and managing broker of Business Brokers Inc./Atlanta Business Advisors.

Other board members include Jeffery Merry, founder and owner of the Business House; Matthew Wochele, founder of Preferred Business Brokers; Michael Ramatowski, president of Georgia Business Associates; and Kim Eells, vice president and of SBA Lending at Renasant Bank.

Best Business Brokers(B3) help people buy and sell businesses and commercial real estate in Georgia and South Carolina. The company is based in Savannah, Ga. B3offers a variety of brokerage services, including confidential targeted marketing, potential buyers’ qualifications, showcasing, transaction negotiations, due diligence management, escrow process management, valuations and pricing, and closings. Their seasoned and award-winning business brokers are all licensed, commercial realtors. B3specializes in a multitude of industries, such as manufacturing-, technology- and logistics-related businesses and properties. Their headquarters is located at 6605 Abercorn St., Suite 101D, Savannah, GA 31405. For more information, visit http://B3Brokers.comor call 912-349-0940.