Local Nonprofit Organizations Invited to Apply for Enmarket Encourage Health Series 2018


Local Nonprofit Organizations Invited to Apply for Enmarket Encourage Health Series 2018

(SAVANNAH, GA) Enmarket is inviting Savannah area nonprofit organizations to apply to be selected as one of four grant recipients as part of the 2018 Encourage Health Educational Series. The application process will be conducted through a Facebook contest. Selected nonprofit organizations will receive a $1,000 grant.

Any Savannah area registered 501©3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote healthy living, active lifestyles or nutritional education is encouraged to enter.

The rules: “Like” the Enmarket page (https://www.facebook.com/enmarkstations) and post a nomination as a comment explaining why your organization should be chosen as a grant recipient. Entries must include how the nonprofit organization inspires or promotes healthy living. The advisory board will consider the total number of “likes” on individual posts for the final selection.

Enmarket’s Facebook page can be found at https://www.facebook.com/enmarkstations. Entries will open on Monday, Feb. 12. The deadline is midnight Monday, Feb. 26.

The series features four lunchtime presentations from respected experts who share insights on nutrition and fitness and general tips for healthy living. Speakers for the 2018 series will be announced in March.

Each winning nonprofit organization will receive a donation during one of the four Encourage Health Education Series presentations.

This marks the fifth year for the Enmarket Encourage Health Education Series conducted in partnership with Healthy Savannah, Sandfly Family Dental, Gulfstream Aerospace Corp., Clover Health, Hoist Water, Savannah Morning News and Savannah Magazine.

For more information and to participate, visit https://www.facebook.com/enmarkstations.

Enmarket, founded as Interstate Stations by Robert Demere in 1963, is part of Savannah-based Colonial Group, Inc. The retailer operates convenience stores in Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. Previously known as Enmark, it launched a rebranding initiative in 2015 to better align with its commitment to fresh food and health. Enmarket completed the acquisition of 35 Clyde’s Markets on December 1. The addition of the EZ-Shop stores will bring the company to a total of 122 operating stores, making Enmarket the 54th largest convenience store operator in the country. www.enmarket.com

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Matt Clements
Director of Marketing

4th Annual Movement in the Park on Sunday, May 21


Dawn Baker and Fleet Feet Sports Savannah
Present Movement in the Park
Zumba, Walk, Run, Dance! It doesn’t matter how you move … just move!

Join the fourth annual “Movement in the Park,” a health and wellness fair for all ages on Sunday, May 21, 2 – 5 p.m. in Forsyth Park.

Participants may take part in the “Dawning of a Miracle Mile” (a one mile walk/run), Zumba, line dancing, activities for kids, health screenings, vendors, refreshments, fun and more.

movement in the park sponsor, Dawn Baker

Dawn Baker
Author and News Anchor

Sponsored by news anchor and author Dawn Baker and Fleet Feet Sports Savannah, the health and wellness fair benefits Dawn’s Daughter Leadership Academy, which provides life-changing programs, activities and experiences for young women to help them become more successful in their personal and professional lives. The leadership academy is open to high school sophomores and juniors in Chatham, Bryan and Liberty Counties. A suggested donation for “Movement in the Park Health and Wellness Fair” is $10 for adults and $1 for students. For questions or additional information, please call (912) 232-6048 or (912) 721-7388. You may also email us at: contactus@dawnbakeronline.com.

Contact: Lula L. Baker, Public Relations Manager
Phone: 912-232-6048 or (912) 721-7388
Email: contactus@dawnbakeronline.com

Enmarket Donates $5,000 to Savannah Area Nonprofit Organizations Through 2016 Encourage Health Series


Enmarket Donates $5,000 to Savannah Area Nonprofit Organizations Through 2016 Encourage Health Series

(SAVANNAH, GA) During its 2016 Encourage Health Educational Series, enmarket has donated $5,000 to four area nonprofit organizations: The Coastal Georgia Council of Boy Scouts of America, Savannah AMBUCS, Savannah Tree Foundation and Urban Hope, Inc.

In conjunction with Healthy Savannah and other sponsors, the fuel and convenience store chain presented $1,000 grants during each lecture.

“We are committed to helping Savannah become a healthier community, and the Encourage Health Series is specifically geared to help show all of us how live healthier lives,” said Matt Clements, enmarket’s director of marketing. ”This is a win-win for all of us – those nonprofit organizations receiving the grant money and the audience members who enjoy learning about new ways to improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

The company was founded in 1963 as Interstate Stations, then rebranded as “Enmark” in 1983 and most recently as “enmarket” in 2015 to reflect fresh and healthy food options.

To further its commitment to helping people live healthier lives, enmarket established the Encourage Health Series and in conjunction with other local sponsors, has presented a series of four lectures throughout the year for the past three years, calling on respected experts to share insights on nutrition, fitness and general tips for healthy living.

The 2016 program was co-sponsored by GulfstreamSandfly Family DentalHealthy SavannahSavannah Morning NewsSavannah Magazine and GPB Savannah – WSVH 91.1/WWIO 89.9.

In April, The Coastal Georgia Council of Boy Scouts of America was selected to be awarded the first of the 2016 series’ $1,000 grants. This nonprofit organization combines educational activities with value-driven projects in order to mold young men and encourage them to make ethical and moral decisions throughout their future. The event featured a presentation by Kevin Klinkenberg, “Going Old School: Walk Your Way to Better Health,” encouraging attendees to make walking a part of their everyday lives.

In June, a $1,000 grant was presented to Urban Hope, which helps inner city children create better lives for themselves. Ellen Blossman’s presentation, “Eat Well and Boost Your Energy With Phytochemicals,” addressed the role of chemical compounds that occur naturally in plants and help prevent cancer and their relation to overall health.

At the third event in August, the $1,000 Encourage Health grant went to the Savannah Tree Foundation, a 33-year-old nonprofit organization that works to protect trees in Savannah and Chatham County. The lecture featured Denise Grabowski presenting “10 Ways Buildings Affect Your Mission to Healthy Life.” Grabowski said most people spend time indoors and explained how buildings can affect overall physical, mental and social wellbeing.

In October, the final lecture in the series benefitted the Savannah AMBUCS with a $1,000 grant and featured a presentation by Bauer Coslick: “10 Ways to Reduce Inflammation in the Body to Improve Longevity Through Acupuncture Practices.” Coslick is the owner of Vitality: Acupuncture +Integrative medicine. AMBUCS is an organization dedicated to bringing mobility and independence to people with disabilities, primarily through donating their Amtryke therapeutic tricycles to those in need.

AMBUCS also received a $1,000 grand prize for collecting the greatest number of votes from fans of the four nonprofits. At the beginning of the series, each organization received a QR code to be scanned at any of the 61 area enmarket stores. No purchases were necessary, but supporters had to go into a store to vote.

All of the 2016 enmarket Encourage Health Education Series lunchtime programs were held at the Savannah Morning News Auditorium, 1375 Chatham Parkway. Information about the 2017 program, including speakers, recipients and lecture dates, will be announced in early 2017.

(LEFT TO RIGHT) Matt Clements, enmarket; Kevin Sheehan, AMBUCS; Paula Kreissler, Healthy Savannah


Enmarket Encourage Health Check Presentation to Boy Scouts


Enmarket presents Savannah Tree Foundation 1000 check at Encourage Health Series


Enmarket’s 2016 series of wellness lectures is sponsored by Healthy Savannah, Sandfly Family Dental, Savannah Morning News, Savannah Magazine, Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. and GPB Savannah – WSVH 91.1/WWIO 89.9.
The series features four presentations from experts sharing insights on nutrition, fitness and general tips for healthy living. Selected 501©3 nonprofit organizations are awarded a $1,000 grant from Encourage Health Education Sponsors and allotted an enmarket Dollar Day, along with a chance to win a grand prize at the end of the series. For more information, visit http://enmarket.com/EncourageHealthSeries

Founded as Interstate Stations in 1963 by Robert Demere, Enmark Stations, Inc., which recently rebranded as enmarket, is a family-run business committed to offering its customers top-notch service and superior products. Today, the Savannah-based company, which celebrated its 50-year anniversary in 2013, operates 60 stores in Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. Enmarket’s mission is to Enrich Life! Stores offer freshly prepared food and healthy snacks, high-quality double filtered gasoline, beverages, lottery services and more. Enmarket customers can save up to $.10 per gallon by using the company’s Cash Card, a reloadable stored-value card that can be used directly at the pump. Coupons, promotions, and a location finder are available on the free mobile app. For more information on enmarket, please call 912-236-1331 or visit www.enmarket.com. Follow enmarket on Twitter at @enmarkenjoy.

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(SAVANNAH, GA) Chuck-A-Puck is a new tradition during the Savannah Tire Hockey Classic. The object of the game is to throw a puck onto the ice from the stands and try to get your puck as close to the on-ice targets as possible. Contestants will have an opportunity to participate between the 2nd and 3rd periods of the 8:30 p.m. game on Friday, January 15 and the 8:30 p.m. game on Saturday, January 16. Volunteers are needed to help sell pucks during the games. Proceeds will benefit the American Diabetes Association’s Kiss-A-Pig campaign. For more information or to volunteer, contact the KAP campaign chair, Charles Bowen of The Bowen Law Group at cbowen@thebowenlawgroup.com.

2016 Hockey Classic Schedule

Stand Up for the Butterfly on Superhero Saturday Held at the Savannah Mall


(SAVANNAH, GA) The Savannah Mall invited the public to be a superhero for the day by helping to save butterflies. Encouraging visitors to dress up as their favorite super on Saturday, June 20, the mall hosted a variety of engaging and educational activities focused on promoting the environmental protection of butterflies, specifically monarch butterflies which are facing extinction. A SuperHero meet and greet featured Marvel Characters SpiderMan and IronMan.

Howard Turner, a Chatham County Master Gardener and Master Naturalist from The University of Georgia Cooperative Extension – Chatham County service, discussed butterfly gardens, explaining which native plants and host plants are most attractive to butterflies and caterpillars.

Turner has owned and operated a nursery, Ann and Howard’s Plants, for ten years with his wife. “People generally know that butterflies get nectar from every flower they see, but the plant that butterflies lay their eggs are vital to their survival. If caterpillars don’t have a host plant, they will not be able to eat,” said Turner.

A representative from Live Oak Public Libraries held arts and crafts activities including coloring sheets, bookmark and butterfly stamps. The library will be back in July with story time with books themed around butterflies and the need to protect the species. Monarch butterflies are extremely at risk as they face extinction. Monarch butterflies do not fly in flocks like birds do. Each butterfly flies alone, but travels the same route as other monarchs. There may be thousands flying at the same time. Monarchs can migrate as far as 2,000 miles. The Savannah Mall gave away 300 seed packets for monarch butterfly attracting plants.

Oatland Island partnered with the Savannah Mall on Superhero Saturday and brought their bee-keeper to explain the benefits of pollination and the impact a small creature like a bee or butterfly can have on our environment. The Savannah Mall has also announced that Oatland Island will be receiving $1 from every adopt-a-butterfly kit sold this summer.

Superhero Saturday was intended to kick off the Savannah Mall’s LIVE Butterfly Exhibit that will be held in Center Court from July 3 through August 2. The exhibit will feature over 200 live butterflies from a variety of species tucked away inside a beautiful conservatory, decorated and complete with plants conducive to butterfly flight. The program also features educational displays, butterfly crafts and life-cycle kiosks. For more information, visit http://www.adoptabutterfly.com or www.savannahmall.com


(LEFT to RIGHT) Salvatore Perniciaro and Rocco Perniciaro meet with Iron Man at the Savannah Mall’s Superhero Saturday Superhero Saturday at Savannah Mall_0834 Superhero Saturday at Savannah Mall_0835 Superhero Saturday at Savannah Mall_0838 Superhero Saturday at Savannah Mall_0846 Superhero Saturday at Savannah Mall_0847 Superhero Saturday at Savannah Mall_0853 Superhero Saturday at Savannah Mall_0858 Superhero Saturday at Savannah Mall_0862 Superhero Saturday at Savannah Mall_0867Superhero Saturday at Savannah Mall Superhero Saturday at Savannah Mall_0869Superhero Saturday at Savannah Mall Superhero Saturday at Savannah Mall_0870Superhero Saturday at Savannah Mall Superhero Saturday at Savannah Mall_0874Superhero Saturday at Savannah Mall Superhero Saturday at Savannah Mall_0879Superhero Saturday at Savannah Mall Superhero Saturday at Savannah Mall_0881Superhero Saturday at Savannah Mall Superhero Saturday at Savannah Mall_1754 Superhero Saturday at Savannah Mall_1756 Superhero Saturday at Savannah Mall_1760 Superhero Saturday at Savannah Mall_1761 Superhero Saturday at Savannah Mall_1762 Superhero Saturday at Savannah Mall_1763 Superhero Saturday at Savannah Mall_1764 Superhero Saturday at Savannah Mall_1766 Superhero Saturday at Savannah Mall_1768 Superhero Saturday at Savannah Mall_1769 Superhero Saturday at Savannah Mall_1770 Superhero Saturday at Savannah Mall_1771 Superhero Saturday at Savannah Mall_1772 Superhero Saturday at Savannah Mall_1773 Superhero Saturday at Savannah Mall_1776 Superhero Saturday at Savannah Mall_1777 Superhero Saturday at Savannah Mall_1778 Superhero Saturday at Savannah Mall_1780 Superhero Saturday at Savannah Mall_1782 Superhero Saturday at Savannah Mall_1783 Superhero Saturday at Savannah Mall_1784 Superhero Saturday at Savannah Mall_1785 Superhero Saturday at Savannah Mall_1786 Superhero Saturday at Savannah Mall_1787 Superhero Saturday at Savannah Mall_1788 Superhero Saturday at Savannah Mall_1789 Superhero Saturday at Savannah Mall_1790 Superhero Saturday at Savannah Mall_1791 Superhero Saturday at Savannah Mall_1792 Superhero Saturday at Savannah Mall_1793 Superhero Saturday at Savannah Mall_1800

Originated in 1990, the Savannah Mall, located at 14045 Abercorn St., features anchor stores Bass Pro Shops, Dillard’s, Target, Burlington Coat Factory and A.C. Moore. The 960,000-square-foot, two-level mall is also home to Victoria’s Secret, Bath & Body Works, Gymboree, Game Stop, Champs, Hibbet Sporting Goods, Kay Jewelers, Marks & Morgan Jewelers, Shoe Dept., Zales Jewelers, Rue 21, Cato, Savannah Piano, Fitness Emporium, Relentless Records and Vapors Smoke Shop. Virginia College offers a variety of classes in areas such as cosmetology, medical billing, culinary arts, business, healthcare and more. The Savannah Mall’s Food Court features Chick-fil-a, Savannah Gyro, Sbarro Italian Eatery, Saigon Flavors, China Max, Sakkio Japan, Cajun Café American Deli and Subway. Other dining options at the mall include Ruby Tuesdays and Texas Roadhouse, along with Savannah Candy Co., Cold Stone Creamery and the Nutty Bavarian. The Savannah Mall has a double-decker carousel in the Food Court and soft play area on the lower level for children. For leasing information, contact Becky Orsi-Faircloth, marketing/specialty leasing manager at 912.927.9663 or orsib@urbanretail.com. For more information about the Savannah Mall, call 912.927.7467 or visit www.savannahmall.com

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Rivers & Glen Trading Co. Presents Lowcountry Fly Fishing Expo


(SAVANNAH, GA) Rivers & Glen Trading Co., in conjunction with Bay Street Outfitters and Oldfield Club, will present the third annual Lowcountry Fly Fishing Expo on Saturday, March 28 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Oldfield Club in Okatie, SC.

The expo will feature presentations, seminars, demonstrations, activities, and opportunities for one-on-one casting instruction from some of the Lowcountry and Southeast’s premier fly fishing instructors and guides.

“Rivers and Glen is very pleased to be part of this year’s event,” said Walker Hopkins, owner. “This expo is for anyone, no matter their skill level, who wants to learn more about fly fishing and connect with the larger community of those who share a passion for this great sport.”

Some of the presenters include Orvis-endorsed fly casting instructor Capt. Dave Murray, International Federation of Fly Fishers (FFF) fly casting instructor Capt. David Cargile, Orvis-endorsed fly fishing guide Capt. Tuck Scott, and Orvis-endorsed fly fishing guide Capt. Owen Plair.

Registration is $50 per person or $90 per couple, which includes a catered lunch. Tickets are available online at riversandglen.com or call 912-349-2352.

Rivers & Glen Trading Co. is a sporting retailer based in Augusta, which has now expanded into Savannah, Ga. The locally owned and operated stores carry popular brands of apparel, luggage, fly fishing and hunting equipment including Orvis, Barbour, Simms, Patagonia, Filson, Mountain Khaki and Fishpond. Striving to be the region’s fly fisherman’s dream store, Rivers & Glen stores carry every Orvis and Sage rod available on the market. Both locations are open Monday from noon to 6 p.m. and Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The Savannah store is located at 24 Drayton St. The original Rivers & Glen Trading Co. store is located in the middle level of Surrey Center in Augusta Ga. For more information, call 912-349-2352 or visit http://riversandglen.com/

Beaufort, SC based Bay Street Outfitters is known for providing quality products, fishing trips, travel, and exceptional customer service. Bay Street’s professional guides, renowned for years of Lowcountry fishing experience, offer unparalleled fishing excursions and memorable fishing experiences including some of the finest inshore light tackle and fly fishing in the Lowcountry. For more information, call 843-524-5250 or visit http://www.baystreetoutfitters.com/

Set along the banks of the magnificent Okatie River, in the heart of the South Carolina Lowcountry, the private club community of Oldfield offers luxury living in an incomparable natural, historic setting. This is a vibrant community where residents enjoy the very best of club living in the midst of a landscape that has retained its natural splendor. A world unto its own–where golf, tennis, equestrian, fitness and outdoor sporting pursuits are as much a part of life as the Southern charm of the region–Oldfield is perfectly positioned to offer easy access to the destination towns and cities of Hilton Head Island, Savannah, Beaufort and Bluffton. For more information, call 866-653-3435 or visit http://oldfield1732.com/

Walker Hopkins
Rivers & Glen Trading Company

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