The Dewitt Tilton Group Delivers Holiday Meals to Thunderbolt Fire and Police Stations


The Dewitt Tilton Group Delivers Holiday Meals to Thunderbolt Fire and Police Stations

(SAVANNAH, GA) The Dewitt Tilton Group prepared and delivered holiday meals to the first responders and staff at the Thunderbolt fire and police departments.

Dewitt Tilton Group Delivers Holiday Heals to Thunderbolt Police and Fire_2822

Andrew DeWitt and Chris Tilton, owners of The Dewitt Tilton Group, with Sean Clayton, Thunderbolt Chief of Police.

Because first responders are always on the move, the meals were delivered in to-go boxes for easy transportation. Chris Tilton and Andrew Dewitt, principals of The Dewitt Tilton Group, personally packed the boxes and hand-deliver them.

Dewitt Tilton Group Delivers Holiday Heals to Thunderbolt Police and Fire_2800

Baleigh Youmans, Administrative Assistant; Andrew DeWitt, Co-owner; Chris Tilton, Co-owner; Kim Thomas, Director of Operations.

The meals included turkey, stuffing and sides with all of the fixings of a home-cooked meal. Altogether, over 30 first responders and staff members received a meal.

“Police and fire departments serve around the clock, even in our little town of Thunderbolt,” said Tilton. “This is our way of saying thank you to the men and women who put their lives on the line every day to keep our community safe.”

The Dewitt Tilton Group, a premier commercial construction firm located in Savannah, Ga., specializes in commercial construction. The principals, Andrew Dewitt and Chris Tilton, have over 50 years of combined experience in the local construction industry. The firm manages every aspect of a commercial project from pre-construction to the final walk through. Known for using only highly reputable contractors, the Dewitt Tilton Group brings to the table design, engineering and construction capabilities which guarantee a smooth construction process for each client. The firm is located at 2807-A Roger Lacey Avenue, Savannah, GA 31404. For more information or to contact the Dewitt Tilton Group, please call 912.777.3404 or visit

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Dewitt Tilton Group

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Savannah Area Republican Women Announces their Second Annual Lunch and Learn Event, Ladies, Guns & Ammo


Savannah Area Republican Women Announces their Second Annual Lunch and Learn Event, Ladies, Guns & Ammo
Keynote Speaker will be Rachel Campos-Duffy from FOX News

(SAVANNAH, GA) The Savannah Area Republican Women will hold the second annual Ladies, Guns and Ammo event on Saturday, Oct. 13, at the Savannah Golf Club, located at 1661 E. President St. The event is intended to instruct women on the laws associated with handguns and proper safety protocols.

Ladies Guns & Ammo

Rachel Campos-Duffy will be the featured keynote speaker for the luncheon. Campos-Duffy, the wife of Wisconsin Congressman Sean Duffy, is a FOX News and FOX Business Contributor and a recurring guest host on hit shows, FOX & Friends and Outnumbered. She is a published author, communications consultant and television personality. Her presentation will focus on political analysis and culture.

There will also be two instructional classes available for participants. Sheriff John Wilcher has partnered with the Savannah Area Republican Women to provide instruction on gun rules/regulations, safety classes and shooting range practice at the Chatham County Sheriff’s Training Facility. Classes are limited to 60 participants. Guests are free to bring their own handgun or one will be provided.

“This event gives our community an incredible and unique opportunity to learn about handgun safety and firearm regulations while bringing attention to the Constitution’s First Amendment which provides freedom of speech as well as freedom to worship, freedom of the press, the right of the people to peaceably assemble and the 2nd Amendment which gives the right of free people to keep and bear arms,” said Marolyn Overton, president of Savannah Area Republican Women. “We can’t thank Sheriff John Wilcher enough for volunteering his time to teach these critical lessons. We are also ecstatic to welcome Rachel to this year’s event as our guest speaker. Her experience and talent offer so much to our audience.”

Tickets for the safety classes, shooting range practice and luncheon are $95; for the luncheon only, tickets are $45. The lunch is open to both men and women but is limited to 150 guests.

Savannah Area Republican Women will hold a raffle for multiple handguns and other items during the event. Winners do not need to be present to claim their prize. Raffle tickets are $25 each or five for $100. There are also t-shirts available for $20.

Businesses interested in sponsoring the second annual Ladies, Guns & Ammo are asked to contact Savannah Area Republican Women’s president, Marolyn Overton, at (912) 598-7358.

Proceeds from this event will benefit the Savannah Area Republican Women’s efforts to promote Constitutional Government, emphasizing the 1st and 2nd amendments, Republican candidates, as well as, the philanthropic efforts of the Savannah Area Republican Women.

For more information, tickets and reservations, visit

Founded in 1961, Savannah Area Republican Women (SARW) has stressed that it is not a social club but a serious working organization concerned with issues, recruiting good candidates and getting them elected. The organization meets on the first Wednesday of every month at Carey Hilliard’s Banquet Room, 11111 Abercorn St. Reservations for the luncheon meeting should be made no later than noon on the Monday before the luncheon. For more information, contact SARW’s president, Marolyn Overton, at (912) 598-7358. To RSVP for a luncheon meeting, contact Rebecca Rhinehart at (912) 398-0111 or visit

Navigating Georgia’s New Hands-Free Law


Navigating Georgia’s New Hands-Free Law
By Joanie Iaco

Joanie Iaco, Peacock Automotive

Joanie Iaco

It’s the law. Georgia motorists will have to put down their phones while driving to comply with the new Hands-Free Georgia Act that becomes effective July 1.

The goals of the new law, signed earlier this year by Gov. Nathan Deal, are to lower incidents of distracted driving and rising insurance premiums by prying our eyes and our attention away from cell phones while we’re behind the wheel.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitutionhas reported that highway fatalities rose by one-third in Georgia from 2014-16. While cell-phone use cannot be pinpointed as a cause for this increase, the state Department of Driver Servicesprocessed 3,866 citations for using phones while driving in 2016, up more than 30 percent from 2014.

The costs associated with car crashes differ depending on the injuries sustained, but the average cost for the physical damage to one car is $7,500. If there is a fatality, the financial impact can reach into the millions. Even for non-fatal crashes, total costs can soar into the hundreds of thousands.

The hands-free law doesn’t allow drivers to support any wireless device with any part of their body when they’re behind the wheel unless they’re legally parked. This means that you cannot hold it in your hand, lay it in your lap or hold it against your ear with your shoulder.

While the new law prohibits you from holding your phone while driving, you can still talk and even text as long as you’re using hands-free technology.

You may also use your phone as a GPS, but you must set it up before you begin driving. If you need to change your route, you must be legally parked before you pick up or touch your phone. This does not include being stopped at a light or stop sign. You are only considered legally parked if your vehicle is parked in a parking space, parking lot or driveway.

The new law also prohibits drivers from watching or recording a video and from typing, sending or reading any text-based communication unless legally parked.

The only exceptions to the hands-free law would be if the driver is reporting a traffic accident, medical emergency, fire, crime, delinquent act or hazardous road condition. Law enforcement officers are exempt from the law as long as they are performing their official duties.

The prohibition is considered a primary enforcement law, which means an officer may cite a driver for using a hand-held cell phone without any other traffic offense taking place.

The Governor’s Office of Highway Safetysays the Georgia Department of Public Safetyand local law enforcement may issue warnings as part of the effort to educate and to help motorists adapt to the new law. However, citations can and will be issued starting July 1. Penalties will begin at $50 for a first offense, $100 for a second offense and $150 for three or more violations.

With the passage of the new law, Georgia becomes one of 16 other states, along with the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands, to prohibit drivers from using hand-held cell phones while driving.

In South Carolina, it is illegal for motorists to text and drive, but hand-held cell phone use is still permitted and drivers are allowed to use the GPS feature on their handheld device for navigation purposes.

Joanie Iaco is Manager of Peacock Collision Center, part of Peacock Automotive, which owns and operates 24 automotive dealerships representing 31 brands in Georgia, South Carolina and Florida. The company’s headquarters are located at Peacock Auto Mall on U.S. 278, 5 miles east of I-95 at Exit 8 near Bluffton, S.C. For more information about Peacock Collision Center, call 843-645-5500or

Everything You Need to Know about the GDPR


Everything You Need to Know about the GDPR
by Charles Bowen

Charles Bowen

Charles Bowen of The Bowen Law Group

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) recently went into effect across the European Union (EU). The GDPR is a data privacy law that gives citizens of the EU far more control over their personal data and requires businesses to keep all such data private, safe and protected.

This law was passed in response to the Cambridge Analytica scandal in which the private personal data of millions of people was sold to England’s “Leave the EU” campaign and Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016.

Any company that collects data on people who live in the EU must follow the new regulations, no matter where the company is based. That means that if you own a company in Savannah but sell to a European customer, you are subject to the new GDPR privacy rules.

To better ensure privacy and protection, companies must now procure their customer’s actual consent in order to store their personal information. This request for consent must be clear and written in plain language (rather than buried in 50 pages of terms and conditions).

Any company that does not obtain this explicit consent may only store a customer’s personal data if they can prove they have a “lawful basis” for doing so such as a contract or other legal obligation.

What this means in practical terms is businesses will have to pay a lot more attention to the security of their customers’ personal data and they will not be allowed to hold onto it for any longer than necessary. Also, anyone can ask for their personal information to be deleted from a company’s servers at any time.

Any company found to be in violation of these new rules will face huge financial penalties. Large companies can be fined up to 4 percent of their annual global sales, which can run into billions of dollars. Even small companies can be fined up to $23.5 million.

The GDPR was designed to protect consumers due to the large number of cyber attacks and data leaks over the past few years. And despite the fact it is a European law, given the global reach of the internet, it has been estimated that 92 percent of American businesses will be affected.

There currently are no plans to expand the provisions of GDPR to the United States, but many experts believe that given the almost daily occurrence of large scale data hacks, it’s only a matter of time until such protections are extended worldwide. It will be interesting to see how effective the EU’s monitoring of the GDPR is over the next several months and how aggressively violators are prosecuted.

It seems clear, however, that data breaches and mishandling of personal customer information will be a lot costlier.

Despite the effort it will take to understand, implement and enforce the GDPR, it is hard to deny some type of action must be taken. Anyone who has ever shopped for a product on Amazon and then immediately seen an ad for the same product on Facebook knows how creepy and invasive the internet’s targeted advertising technology can be.

The National Security Agency can use that same system to seamlessly track almost anyone in the United States, and political firms such as Cambridge Analytica can use it to secretly single out political subgroups and sell that data.

Hopefully, the GDPR is a good start in restoring a bit of privacy to the worldwide web, but it’s just the first step of a long process.

Charles Bowenis a business attorney who focuses on commercial, banking and manufacturing law and also offers comprehensive mediation services. He may be contacted at 912.544.2050 or

Charles Bowen to Present “Top Ten Tips To Make Your Small Business Lawsuit-Proof” on April 23


Founder of The Bowen Law Group to Speak at Buy Local Savannah Luncheon

(SAVANNAH, GA) Business attorney Charles Bowen has been scheduled to speak at Buy Local Savannah’s April Luncheon. His topic, “Top 10 Tips to Make Your Small Business Lawsuit-Proof,” will focus on what business owners should do to ensure their companies are legal and to protect themselves from personal litigation that could have devastating financial damages. The luncheon will be held Thursday, April 23 from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm at Corleone’s, 44 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., in Savannah. Reservations and advance payment may be made online at

Founder of the Bowen Law Group in 2012, Bowen has practiced corporate law in Savannah for 20 years. In his presentation, he will review ten important, yet simple and affordable, steps. These include setting up the correct business structure; getting the proper insurance; writing simple, enforceable contracts; ensuring agreements are in writing; and acquiring and filing proper permits and registrations. Bowen will also discuss the importance of including disclaimers in contracts, how to resolve business complaints quickly and directly, and the importance of not cutting any legal corners.

“Buy Local is an nonprofit organization composed of all small business owners who encourage shoppers to buy from local businesses. It is just as important for small business owners to set up their companies legally and properly, as it is for large firms,” said Bowen. “It costs a lot less to spend a few hundred dollars up front for a lawyer to review a contract than to be hit with a lawsuit and have to spend thousands later on.”

Bowen also offers a free downloadable ebook on The Bowen Law Group’s website that explains how form a corporation, LLC or LLP in Georgia. This, along with other practical information for business owners, is available at on the “News” tab.

ABOUT CHARLES BOWEN: Based out of Savannah, Charles Bowen is a business attorney who focuses on commercial, banking and manufacturing law and also offers comprehensive mediation services. Bowen attended Mercer University in Macon, Georgia where he graduated summa cum laude with honors in both psychology and political science. Upon graduating from Georgetown University Law Center in 1995, Bowen moved to Savannah and established a corporate law practice. He has received the Martindale-Hubbell® AV® Preeminent™ rating, the highest rating based upon confidential surveys sent to other attorneys. Also, Bowen has been selected by the members of the State Bar of Georgia as one of Georgia Trend’s 12th Annual Legal Elite for December 2014 in two categories: Business Law and Corporate Law. This year marks Bowen’s 20th year in practice as an attorney.

ABOUT BUY LOCAL SAVANNAH: Three Savannah businessmen. Rick Culbreth of Yates-Astro, Remer Lane of Remer Lane Insurance and Martin Sullivan of Sullivan Staffing, formed Buy Local in 1999. They agreed that an association of local firms should mount a comprehensive campaign to encourage shoppers to buy from local businesses. Today, the organization is comprised of some 150 businesses and is recognized as Savannah’s leading advocacy group for locally-owned enterprise. For more information, contact

Charles J. Bowen, Founder, The Bowen Law Group

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